Closed Case Surveys

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective! Our implementation of an automated survey triggered when a case is closed brought huge amounts of insight to help improve customer experience.

  • CLIENT Telecommunications
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID end-to-end implementation
  • CHALLENGECustomers were engaging using multiple channels but there was no visibility on their effectiveness. Customer Satisfaction in general was average, but we knew that some interaction channels were more liked than others. We needed to help find out where customers were not having a great experience, and more importantly, why. Fast!
  • SOLUTIONThis project involved a simple design and build of a workflow trigger to dispatch a branded email to each customer once their case was closed by an agent. We cleverly built the customer response form into the email body allowing us to gain an average 12% response rate (typically ~4% when the customer is taken to a separate web form). Customers who return a negative ratings automatically have their case reopened and delivered to a specialist team to help resolve the customer's issue and turn a negative customer experience back into a great one.
  • VALUE/RESULTSA real-time dashboard shows customer satisfaction not just by the interaction channel, but also by resolving department, customer type, product they have - in fact any data you have that's related to the customer. Tracking the negative responses back through their CRM journey we're able to identify breakages in processes, or poor agent behaviour. We got this up and running in a matter of days to help inform the customer transformation programme's direction.
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