Auto-Tasking for Provisioning

Replacing manual processes with guided agent journeys to ensure a smooth provisioning process keeping customers updated with their order progress.

  • CLIENT Telecommunications
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID end-to-end implementation
  • CHALLENGESome order journeys could just not be automated, either because they contained legacy products that didn't justify the investment, or because the downstream systems did not provide API access. Agents were having to place orders on various 3rd party portals and keep manually checking them for updates, before undertaking further required activities. New agents didn't understand the complicated processes, and customers were getting frustrated with the lack of pro-active communication.
  • SOLUTIONUsing a combination of native Salesforce workflow and tasks, we implemented a solution that guided the agent on their activities; to do the right thing at the right time. After mapping out the existing processes, and removing unnecessary steps, we built a series of flows based around the products ordered and the types of customer. Tasks would be automatically distributed to the right agent with the right skill for completion. Order statuses would automatically be updated and notifications sent to customers, as well as presented online through the Salesforce customer portal.
  • VALUE/RESULTSOrders are dealt with quickly and efficiently allowing the agents to focus on delivering real value. 3rd party portals are only accessed when they need to be, and agents are prompted in real-time, measured by a series of SLA dashboards. Customers get notified of the status of their orders as it changes dramatically reducing the volume of chase calls. Happier customers now order more products. New starters get up to speed quickly without needing to go through long periods of training (or even "learn" from nearby colleagues).
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