120 Hour Monthly Subscription to Salesforce Certified Admin



Providing Expertise, Advice, Administration, Support and Enhancements

Implementing Salesforce is just the beginning of your digital transformation journey.

Extend the capabilities of your internal team with experienced admin resources without the cost and time of recruiting and retaining, and risk of likely staff attrition.

Expert support from our experienced certified Salesforce administrators can significantly increase your user adoption and help you maximise your investment. We can provide complete management and support of your Salesforce org with access to our certified architects, developers and consultants as required.

Typical activities we’ll undertake as part of our admin package:

  • Add/remove/update user/profiles/roles
  • Manage security settings and access such as login controls, forgotten passwords, user setup, profiles, roles etc
  • Email templates
  • Create/modify Reports and Dashboards
  • Create/modify object layouts of both standard and custom objects
  • Create/modify list views
  • Data management
  • Create new fields
  • Workflow/approval processes
  • Visualforce pages
  • Apex coding including triggers
  • 3rd party web services integration
  • Web-to- lead, Email-to- case, Email-to- lead
  • Automated Email processing

Keep your Salesforce system up-to-date and reliable – and your costs predictable.